Beachegg - Towel Problem

There’s no resistant towel, only petty thief.

We have many personal belongings that we take to the beach. We really don’t want them to get lost or stolen otherwise our summer holiday is ruined. Currently we either put these valuables under our beach towel or we put them into a locker, far away. Not safe versus not convenient.


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Where can I use my Beachegg?
Anywhere you want to take your valuables with you. If you want to use it in a permanent place like on your boat – you can tie it down and secure it easily.
What is the difference between buying and renting a Beachegg?
If you rent it, you get a Beachegg with a fully charged battery, an armband plus there’s a guard who monitors the current position of it. If you buy it, you can download the Beachegg app and you can have your mobile safe with you anytime anywhere.
Where can I rent a Beachegg?
Beaches, hotels, spas, festivals and other resorts having an agreement with our company. Look for our logo!
Why is Beachegg safe?
Beachegg is created against the classic beach bandits, who take advantage of the human inattention and just pick up your valuables left around your towel and run with it. We use 5 different safety solutions to prevent this from happening: a unique stainless steel lock mechanism, motion detector system, warning beeps, GPS tracking and UWB technology.
How much stuff can fit in my Beachegg?
The Beachegg design is customized for a party of four.
I lost my armband. How can I open my Beachegg?
When you buy a Beachegg, you also get a regular key to open it. In case your armband is lost you can use your backup key to open your egg.
What if somebody picks up and runs with my Beachegg?
When your Beachegg is in alarm mode, it starts shouting, so the thief becomes immediately visible. Also, Beachegg tracks its movement, and sends the data to our Amazon cloud servers. You will know where the Beachegg went and also the point where it loses the connection.
How often do I need to charge my Beachegg?
For a full battery about once a day.
Is Beachegg waterproof?
No, it’s only splash proof, so don’t take it with you under the water.
Is it okay to put my credit cards, passport, money and phone inside a Beachegg?
It’s much safer in a Beachegg than just leaving it on the Beach, but still: never put all your valuables into one place, not even in a hotel’s safe. Always have a backup location, losing everything on a holiday is one of the worst things that can happen to you.
How safe is Beachegg?
Everything that is locked can be opened with the right tools. You know that, right? But with its stainless steel locking system and GPS tracking solution we made the job very difficult for the average beach thieves. Even if the Beachegg gets into the wrong hands, our tracking history log will help the police retrieve it.
What if my mobile phone is in the Beachegg?
If anything happens with your Beachegg, your armband will let you know. If you can’t find your Beachegg where you left it, you can check its position by downloading and signing into our app on another device. If you rent the Beachegg, the Beachegg Guard can also help you retrieve your Beachegg.
Is it possible to break up the Beachegg?
Yes, of course. The same reason why every bank could be robbed. Beachegg’s security measures are not about strength and brute force, because thieves on the beach misuse that tourists are enjoying themselves and not taking close attention of their valuables. Beachegg is about giving you the power to keep an eye on your belongings while you are having fun.
What if the the signal disappears between the Beachegg and the server?
There is not much chance for this to happen, but we know that Faraday effect exists. If the egg-safe looses the signal, the Beachegg application will alarm the same way as if it was moved by somebody.
Can Beachegg overheat under the Sun?
Yes, Beachegg can be overheated like any other electronic device, so you should keep it in the shade.
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